1. Mr. Hasan Mahmud Sajib -Deputy CEO
Mail- hasanmsajib@akrgroupbd.com (+880 172 3528 887)

2. Ashraf Uddin - General Manager (Marketing)
Mail- rana2@akrgroupbd.com (+880 199 2402 315)


We AKR FASHIONS LTD., BANEX APPAREL LTD. are one of the leading garments manufacturers & exporter in Bangladesh territory for woven garments since 2004 & 2006 respectively.
Our companies are exporting top quality garments around the world. On a regular basis, we are exporting basic & fashionable Woven items for men, women and children. We can export quality garments according to the requirement of the buyers.
Our companies have many efficient staffs and workers who are capable to face any type of challenging shipment.
Our production team is highly experienced and dynamic in the Woven garments production and willing to accept necessary changes in production to motivate, should required by buyer.
Our Merchandising teams having unique experienced in the technical merchandising, sourcing & planning, procurement with the 100% accuracy. Under our close supervision quality control & sampling team are always ready to assist our customer as per their requirement. We can say proudly that we friendly and ego free.
In word we can say, "Time, Quality, export & Buyers satisfactions are our main aim and profit is its logical sequence"
We understand that as a buyer you have many choices when it comes to selecting a manufacturer, but it would be our pleasure if you select AKR FASHIONS LTD., BANEX APPAREL LTD. for your work and we are confident that you will be satisfied with our products and services.
We believe that we can support you for any kind of requirements with in short time, World class quality at a competitive price and on time delivery.
We will be happy if you kindly consider us to develop new business relationship with you. If there is any assist that you require please feel free to contact us.

Our Mission:

To make best quality consumer products for our valued customers and deliver on-time while keeping our commitment to work environment for our employees.

Our Vision:

To Become the benchmark of the garments industry providing world-class products through the sincerity, teamwork, and creativity of our people driven by our constant commitment to understanding overall customer satisfaction.

Understanding the needs of our customer:

We have the knowledge of every single problem of sourcing and buying around the world. Having relocated to Bangladesh, the objective was very clear- we had to provide a solution to each of these problems a customer faces in his daily life of sourcing and buying, especially from Bangladesh. The major requirements of every customer are:

>>Quality control at every stage of production and professional final Inspection confirms to the AQL levels specified by the customer.
>>Competitive prices without compromise on quality.
>>Short lead-time.
>>Continues feedback on new fabric and product development.
>>Quick sampling and in-house design studio.
>>Prompt quotations.
>>Instant replies to queries and general communication.
>>Easy and prompt access to information of customer's orders-daily
>>Production, QC reports, critical paths, status, and documentation.
>>Production, QC reports, critical paths, status, and documentation.
>>Information on competition.
>>Assistance and advice on product improvement and enhancement.
>>Flexibility in service to customer and ability to change a required.

We Serve to Meet

Your Fabrication Need

AKR Group is always ready and committed to fulfill the needs of the customer all over the world since 2004. The basic moto of the company is "what together we can Achieve" .

We need to focus more on our strengh rather than finding our weakness. RMG in Bangladesh is still a better way to build the country infrastucture.

M. Rahman Rana Managing Director, AKR Group, Bangladesh