1. Mr. Hasan Mahmud Sajib -Deputy CEO
Mail- hasanmsajib@akrgroupbd.com (+880 172 3528 887)

2. Ashraf Uddin - General Manager (Marketing)
Mail- rana2@akrgroupbd.com (+880 199 2402 315)


AKR Groups always focus on competitive quality to produce the own product because product is an indicator for customer satisfaction. So we are export oriented company that the reason to carry with foreign buyer. It's make a sense that product quality is very important of our organization. Our groups or organization is basically manufactured woven garments product. So the product category is like formal/casual shirts, standup pack, flap pack and basic ladies blouses. Our production capacity is 55,000 dozen per month and 20000-28000 for a day. Our major products are:

>>Standup pack
>>Flat pack
>>Formal shirts
>>Casual shirts
>>Ladies blouses

We Serve to Meet

Your Fabrication Need

AKR Group is always ready and committed to fulfill the needs of the customer all over the world since 2004. The basic moto of the company is "what together we can Achieve" .

We need to focus more on our strengh rather than finding our weakness. RMG in Bangladesh is still a better way to build the country infrastucture.

M. Rahman Rana Managing Director, AKR Group, Bangladesh