1. Mr. Hasan Mahmud Sajib -Deputy CEO
Mail- hasanmsajib@akrgroupbd.com (+880 172 3528 887)

2. Ashraf Uddin - General Manager (Marketing)
Mail- rana2@akrgroupbd.com (+880 199 2402 315)


We always try to make a good deal or business with others manufacture because we belief we are family and we work as a team. We can handle huge number of quality. The main things or goal of our groups is to achieve the customer’s satisfaction with professionally. So we divided our management on the basis of task or work. We also have Marketing, Merchandising, HR, Accounted expert and technician Support that are more belonging to achieve the group goals. Especially merchandiser beings to more creative and integrity to better perform.

Fabric source:

As a primary check to ensure quality, we guide suppliers to proper sources of fabric and identifying the industry which can be delivering in time, good quality fabric of desired weight, construction and colors.

Identify supplier:

We made a network with professional attachment and also follow the some method to identify the suppliers.
>>To appraise capacity and capability
>>To check environmental condition


We arrange sampling from our own sample house as per buyers designs, sketches etc. Sampling against orders and promotional samples sent by suppliers are free of charge.

Quality control:

Once an order has been placed with us, we take the following steps to see that only correct merchandise is shipped.
>>We draw sample of fabric to be used and check its quality, weight, shrinkage, color fastness, etc. We call for lap-dips and obtain buyers approval of shades before bulk fabric is dyed.
>>Before production is started, we obtain approval sample and check it minutely in all respects such as size specification, workmanship, cleanliness, and proper fit of the garments.
>>We also check from time to time, possible improvements in production process to improving workmanship and as per buyer statements.
>>Our quality controllers visit factories at regular intervals, making surprises check, to see that only correct quality is produced and reject sub-standard and defective pieces in the production pipeline itself.
>>When the consignment is ready, we carry out systematic inspection in advance. If the merchandise is found satisfactory, then we invite for the final inspection.

We Serve to Meet

Your Fabrication Need

AKR Group is always ready and committed to fulfill the needs of the customer all over the world since 2004. The basic moto of the company is "what together we can Achieve" .

We need to focus more on our strengh rather than finding our weakness. RMG in Bangladesh is still a better way to build the country infrastucture.

M. Rahman Rana Managing Director, AKR Group, Bangladesh