1. Mr. Hasan Mahmud Sajib -Deputy CEO
Mail- hasanmsajib@akrgroupbd.com (+880 172 3528 887)

2. Ashraf Uddin - General Manager (Marketing)
Mail- rana2@akrgroupbd.com (+880 199 2402 315)


AKR GROUP has approved by SOCAM 'Service Organization for Compliance Audit Management' and also 'WRAP' worldwide Responsible Accredited Production Certificate.

On the others we also follow effective HR policy to use the optimum result of company. HR are the most important organ for the garments industry because of it manage the right person for the right place with right times. Garments sector is very risky task. One silly mistake can say it's all over. So HR known better rather than others that how to manage the employee of the organization for suitable position. HR makes the people or employee skillfully by providing training or making better compensation to motivating the employee. HR gets the efficient output from the employee that increases the productivity. Human Resource works for the human development and bring them to efficient employee.

We Serve to Meet

Your Fabrication Need

AKR Group is always ready and committed to fulfill the needs of the customer all over the world since 2004. The basic moto of the company is "what together we can Achieve" .

We need to focus more on our strengh rather than finding our weakness. RMG in Bangladesh is still a better way to build the country infrastucture.

M. Rahman Rana Managing Director, AKR Group, Bangladesh